To Slice or not to Slice Web Images

By: Pamela Freedman

One serious aspect for debate is the practice of whether it is good to slice images, or leave them as one large file. The jury is still out on which practice is really better and both sides have made great arguments. Many have argued that slicing the image allows it to load on the page faster, while others argue it takes longer since the page sends several download requests to the server at the same time.

Which side of the scale you fall to, is likely affected by exactly what your site is for, and how large your image is. There are ways to slice images for HTML files that will allow them to load much faster, with portions of the image in JPEG format while others are in GIF format. This allows each portion of the image to be optimized to load the fastest possible while still providing the best html image slice needed for the website.

Not everyone knows how to slice a digital image, but generally, this is not very hard to do with some patience and the correct software. Image slicing can even be used as a menu button for some web pages. I have seen pictures sliced into correct slices so that each portion of the picture went to a different web page, which made the image wonderful.

Once you learn how to slice an image properly, you can begin to really experiment and find the best options for you. With the use of image slicing software, it is generally quite easy to do and allows plenty of time for experimentation. Image slicing software really is the best way to go rather than manually learning how to slice images.

This way image slicing is useful for breaking up huge images so that, the individual pieces will load much quicker than the large one. Moreover, slicing up an image is preferable to preparing page makeup of the image itself.

Image Cut - slicing images for HTML So how to slice images?

There is a special image slicing software that slices images and generates merging web pages automatically. It is called Image Cut. The process of slicing with Image Cut is fully automated; you only need to place splitting lines. What is most important, this software supports all possible slice layouts so you will be able to prepare makeup templates of any page independently of its complexity. You can read more about this software from its site.

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